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Sue travels extensively and has been able to capture the essence of many city and landscapes on visits to the five continents. 

She has been represented in the United States for many years and enjoys her visits to Arizona as often as possible. ‘I adore the desert and its amazing structure. The Catalina Hills in Tucson form a perfect backdrop to canyon trails which can then open onto mile upon mile of stunning desert life. I find there is never a dull moment in this landscape and enjoy capturing all elements of its life’. 

Sue is a Londoner and visits her favourite capital as often as possible. She is fascinated by the everyday life of the City; its visitors, workers and those just there for leisure. The Thames is featured in much of her work; Its importance to all forms of city life is exciting and the great bridges that span this beautiful river provide the perfect background for many of her paintings. ‘It is the perfect “film-set”. Where else can you find the beauty and splendour of St. Paul's Cathedral in its unassailable position not far from the Millennium Bridge that then leads you into the 21 st Century with the imposing building of Tate Modern and the Shard. Not to be forgotten, nestling happily amongst all this modern beauty, is the Globe Theatre. I am never short of ideas or ever tire of visiting my home town’.